Monday, 28 April 2008

Call me Ranieri!!

Resting HR 53bpm

Arm swings / Squats / Forward Bends / Wall Walking / Pumps

A.M. - DL 7 x 1 102.5kgs

P.M. - KBs
Sn 24kgs 5 x5 L/R

Circuit - 8 reps L/R 24kgs KB
Front Squat
Time 11:28

Felt stiff on first couple of DLs then got better as the session went on. KB circuit was quite hard, but it was great to finish and feel like I done something without feeling completely buggered. Both my sessions today left me feeling better than when I started, can't beat that.

Mouse – Martin gave you very good advice in the comments of my previous post. You’ll love it once you start, you can be really quite innovative coming up with ways to train grip. Check out my post “My Gym” for an example pic. I’ve got some more I’ll have to put up.

You can find links to the following down the right hand side of this page:

Adam Glass / Dennis Rodgers / Diesel Crew / The Grip Board

The Grip board is a fabulous resource and you can find beginners routines there. Adam Glass will blow your mind with what you can achieve in this area – he went from zero to hero in around a year and a half. The diesel crew have a pdf on short bending that has a very good generalized hand and wrist strengthening routine. There was also a pretty good article in a Crossfit issue about grip training – to be honest though you don’t need to spend the money on it, The Grip Board is the place.

JJB do Olympic weights? Need an Olympic weight set as the weight will get heavy quite quickly – try Argos, Ebay or local paper. I managed to find a steel yard that cleared weight out of gyms that closed down. They aren’t cheap, but will pay for themselves in 3 months instead of a gym membership.

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Martin Schap said...

Great circuit. You have to have been moving pretty steady to get through that in sub 12. Nice work today.