Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Crash and Burn....Jester's Dead!!


D/L 135 x 2,120 x 5

Wrists - Rainbows 3 x 15 each with 1kgs
Janda Sit Ups 3 x 5 16kg KB
Anderson Neck Routine - Harness 5kgs x 50/Neck rolls x 50/Harness 16kgs x 10/Neck Rolls x 50

Stretches - Decompression Hangs, Hamstrings, Hips and Shoulder Dislocates.

OK - so the DLs were too heavy. Need to evaluate the program and change it for the next cycle. Started too heavy and was consisantly lifting over 90% of 5 Rmax. I'll take a break til monday - a few light sets between now and them maybe.

Martin - it was after reading your comment that I decided to calculate the percentages. I agree about the ESTIMATED 1 Rmax and now have the weight to test it - though I feel I've put my back through a lot as far as DLing goes lately, it can wait for a while.

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Martin Schap said...

If it was me I would start the next cycle at about 90kg and just take it easy in that range for a few workouts. Really concentrate on high tension techniques and form, and you will be ready come time to go heavier again. Don't be afraid of a relatively long (15 workout plus or minus a few) cycle. Looking good, just learn from this, take a nice long cycle starting easier than you might think and then work up to a heavy single at the end of that cycle.