Monday, 14 April 2008

Target Focused Training

Forgot to mention that I got an email over the weekend about a seminar these guys are doing in London come November. At first I wasn't sure about their system, but after re-watching their DVDs and some high praise from people who I have come to respect I am sure of its merit.

The only other problem was that they charge a small fortune and raising funds for it and flights, accomodation etc was going to be a tall order. Incredibly this seminar has been sponsered by a London company and the price has been slashed. I've got myself booked onto it and am champing at the bit for it to come around.

Hopefully it is area I can get sorted and feel more capable in certain situations.


Martin Schap said...

Looks pretty cool. I just watched the videos off the site. Do you think it will be something you can keep practicing on your own after the seminar?

Colin said...

This is something I have been asking myself. According to them the best way to train this stuff is on another willing human being - in fact they don't like training on bags etc as "you lose your dynamic movement".

I'd have no idea how I'd get someone to practice this stuff with me - most people think I'm crazy enough as it is without doing slow-mo pretend fighting in the back garden!!

It is principal centred and they claim easy to learn in a 3 day seminar - the best people in society at violence are criminal sociopaths and most of them would have less than 10 min experience of actually doing it. Doubtful too if they train for it.

I know what you are saying though and I'd certainly like to do refreshers periodically if nothing else. I also have a 16 DVD set of theirs that I'm going through again - no replacement for actually DOING though.