Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Morning HR 52bpm

Shoulder Circles / Shoulder Dislocates / Pumps / Knee Bends

DL 9 x 1 102.5kgs - this felt really good today. They were absolutely flying up off the floor.

Plan to go for a long walk later...... just before I watch Man Utd scrap their way through to the Champions League Final!!!! C'mon UTD!!!!

It's funny but after Mouse was asking about sources for grip training I've been seeing them everywhere. I haven't abandoned it myself lately, I still do the odd thing associated with it when I'm out DLing or just milling about. Not structured and not really a lot so I never include it in my blog. A quick look through Adam Glass's blog is more than enough to get anyone excited about it and it will definitely be back in when I go back to the KBs.

Here's a couple of pics of some of the stuff I use.

The block is excellent for pinch grip - it's pretty wide and you can add small increments no problems. The dumbbell just has some foam taped around it. I use it for levering exercises on wrists - rainbows, and forward and back movements. I've also used the other dumbbell for wrist curls - wrists are my biggest weakness I feel. I could snatch the 24 far more if I sorted this area out.

The golf towel is used in much the same way as the block except I try to scrunch the towel up in my hand and work my way down the side of it. Hope that makes sense. I find it works the extensors of my last 2 fingers and the thumb well. It doesn't take much weight!!!

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