Monday, 7 April 2008


I've spotted the mistake which probably prompted your question - it's because PttP cycles last 2.5 weeks and I'm cutting running volume every 3 weeks. Would need to do cycles lasting 3 weeks or 12 sessions for them to run exactly. Still with only 4 cycles they don't get out of whack too much and as long as I'm taking a bit of rest now and again one shouldn't really effect the other anyway.

I can always have an extra low volume week or indeed go for an extra week before reducing depending on how my body is reacting. Obviously this plan wasn't as tight as it should have been but I look on them as a rough framework anyway. The body never responds as it "should"!!!

Week 1
Mon 120 x 5 Start of first cycle
Tue 122.5
Thurs 125
Fri 127.5

Week 2
Mon 130
Tue 132.5
Thurs 135
Fri 137.5

Week 3 - cut down running volume by 50%
Mon 140
Tue 142.5 End of first cycle
Thurs 122.5 x 5 Start of 2nd cycle - 2.5kgs heavier than first
Fri 125

Week 4
Mon 127.5
Tue 130
Thurs 132.5
Fri 135

Week 5
Mon 137.5
Tue 140
Thurs 142.5
Fri 145 x 5 End of 2nd cycle - I've put 5kgs onto my previous 5 rep best!! Yay, wasn't that easy!! I'll probably have lost 2 stone as well. ;)

Week 6 cut running volume by 50%
Mon 125 x 5 - Start of third cycle 2.5kgs heavier than 2nd cycle
Tue 127.5
Thurs 130
Fri 132.5


Franklin B. Herman said...

I know you probably think by now I must be studying to be a moron, but in:

Week 3 - cut down running volume by 50%
Mon 140
Tue 142.5 End of first cycle
Thurs 122.5 x 5 Start of 2nd cycle - 2.5kgs heavier than first
Fri 125

what volume got reduced? On Mon do you only do 2 or 3 deads with the 140kg and then only 2 or 3 with the 135kg? I.e., you continue the PTP called for weight increases, but decrease the reps to reduce the volume?

BTW, its impossible to be too verbose when attempting to communicate with me ... Thanks!!

Colin said...

Hey, no worries Franklin.

I still do the Pttp 2 sets of 5 but in week 3 I hit the peak of one cycle (142.5)and start a new one (122.5) obviously at a much lower weight.

The only volume that gets cut in week 3 is that of my running intervals so instead of 8 x 1 min on 1 min off - itll be 4 x 1 min on 1 min off.

Originally I thought that these would have coincided right the way through my 12 week program. In that case every 3rd week would have been an easier week....after I got the Mon and Tues PRs(hopefully) out of the way. With me now?

Unfortunatley though - they don't coincide so they will stagger more and more as I progress through the prog. From then on in I'll just have to do what I always do....improvise!!

Let me know if this doesn't clear it up for you.

Franklin B. Herman said...

Aha! Mucho gracios Senor! Comprende!

The auxiliary running interval volume is reduced but the standard linear PTTP program remains the same. This makes a lot of sense to me now.

I very serious about DLs as I just put in a bid on craigslist for a set of 300 lbs of Olympic barbells including the 7 ft bar. This should should be sufficient for quite a while especially if I start a linear PTTP cycle with 135 lbs (bar and 2 big plates).

Colin said...

I love to DL - you can do a lot worse than get a bar for DLing. Good luck on the bid.

As far as the weight thats on it - you start where you start. Look at the weight I'm using for Levering in tonights post!!

Not that long ago I was lifting 90kgs 1 Rmax and thought that was a great weight!! PttP and KBs have took me to places I didn't believe capable. And they will you as well mi 2 32s in one hand farmers, awesome!!