Friday, 4 April 2008

New Phase, New Look, New Best

Finally got around to tarting up the blog. I think it looks a bit better, but I need to get a more flattering pic up. In black and white and soft focus preferrably ;)

Another thing I got around to was a little DL testing. I know, I know, I said I'd take off til Monday at least but my juices were flowing reading Power to the People and the bearpowered book. I was feeling a little sorry for myself after the other day and needed a little pick me up too.

Testing went as follows:
100 x 3, 115 x 2, 125 x 1, 140kgs x 4

Previous best was 140kgs x 1. This is all the weight I have and decided to do it this way as a more cautious test than an out and out 1 rmax out of nowhere. I also think that I had at least another rep, but played it safe - you know what I'm like for picking up injuries at the mo!!

According to 1 rmax calculators this would put me at around 155kgs, which I'd be very happy with, but there's still a long way to go.

I also had a go at Clean & PPressing 65kgs to equal my previous best. In previous lifts I thought I'd get it if I could clean it....but I couldn't. Bad that thats my weakest link in that lift - I don't get under the bar enough. I'll have time to practice though as it is going into my next phase. I'll post my full plans in the next few days when I've ironed out a few little details.

But that's me until Monday.....I promise!!! ;)


Anonymous said...

Mouse here;
Cograts on the PR!
140 kgs! That's over 300 pounds! Your vending machines must take some bloody big chocolate bars!
There is some good stuff on in the article section on the deadlift amongst other things.
How do you deal with your callouses?
Mine are causing some problems at present. On dragondoor they recomend a pumice stone(which I have), a callous shaver (Amazon sell them)and Huskers oil. Have you come across the oil in the UK. If so where? Do you use a shaver if so which would you recommend?

Colin said...

Thats the KBs Mouse not the vending machines, though I did buy myself a trolley for them the other day. I'll be raging if the DL numbers drop now!!

Put on 3 more reps @ 140 with nothing but swings and snatches.

Callouses don't bother me much anymore. To begin with I used to get pretty bad blisters. I only ever got them from snatching and I adjusted my snatch so that I don't pinch them between the base of my finger and the handle. I have a pumice stone too, which I'll have a go with every once in while. Normally before I go out on the town...the girls hate rough hands ;)

Franklin B. Herman said...

Bravo! Well done with the DL PR! That's some serious functional strength there.