Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Running Man


Treadmill Intervals - 8 x 1 min on 1 min off (Incline 2.0 , 4 x 9.0, 3 x 9.2 + 1 x 9.5 mph)


Short and sweet today - but a hard 15 mins anyway. Legs felt a bit tired and heavy when I started, but I got into it once I was a few reps in. I guess I'm still kinda easing into it - I'm not all wobbly legged and pulling extreme Stallone faces. All my old running techiques are coming back to me - I'm very much focused internally when I run. I'll mentally scan my body over and over and relax any parts that are too tense, particularly shoulders, face and hands. I'll alternate this with a focus on my breathing and mentally saying "relax".

As a last resort, when things have gone to pot and everything is tense I've changed my inner dialogue from a few years ago. I used to berate myself kinda like the beasting new recruits get. These days it all a lot more positive stuff, not namby pamby but short positive statements like "c'mon this is easy for you". This is born out of a concious effort to talk to myself more positively ALL the time as a result of reading a few sports psychology books.

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