Tuesday, 8 April 2008


D/L 122.5 x 5,110 x 5

Wrists - Rainbows 3 x 15 0.5kgs
Janda Sit Ups 2 x 5 5/10kgs
Anderson Neck Routine - Harness 5kgs x 50/Neck rolls x 30/Harness 15kgs x 10/Neck Rolls x 28

Stretches - Decompression Hangs, Hamstrings, Hips and Shoulder Dislocates.

Good session - no injuries!! Skipped the TGUs today will add those in on Thursday, just give my shoulder a couple of days rest. DLs went well, still feels heavy though.

I started super low with the wrist rainbows and it turned out to be about right. I wasn't really pushing it so I'll up it to the mighty 1kg next time. Jandas were pretty easy, started with 5kgs and then did 10 - needs a bit more weight next time.

Neck was murderous!! I'm one of these people who hates being upside down or having my head hanging off the bed etc. I felt really dizzy and it's not a sensation I like. Added to this it was hard work - a real endurance. That said it's still safe and it's what I need to do to make my neck thicker and stronger. Grin and bare it big lad!!!

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