Sunday, 20 April 2008

DL Practice

DL 5 x 1 100kgs

Decompression hangs / Hamstring Stretch / Shoulder Dislocates / Hip Stretch

4 mile walk/saunter/dander/mossy along

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I forgot about the awesome pic this article has in it too)


Martin Schap said...

Looking good. I am interested to see how the DLs feel when you get up to 15 singles. I am imagining it will still be kind of "easy" compared to sets of 5. I walked a lot this weekend. Great way to move your body.

Colin said...

Compared to the higher intensity sets I was better be. I know what you are saying though - last few reps may accumulate a lot of fatigue, we shall see.

It's funny I have been doing a bit of reading concerning intensity and volume as related to strength development over the weekend. I'll have to get my thoughts down concerning what I think I understand from it (or not as the case may be) and maybe you can tell your thoughts on it.

Martin Schap said...

I will look forward to hearing your take. I have done a lot of thinking/experimenting with this, and am always interested to hear more about it. It seems to be something that people will make as complex as they want, yet I am not sure how long one could go on making gains on one type of plan.

Colin said...

I think people want it to be made clear and simple, I know I do - but there is so much conflicting advice. Probably as there are different ways to make gains.

The trouble as I see it is that it is a moving target - note that this is more from empirical evidence rather than my own limited experience.

What works for you, may not work so well for me. More than that it probably won't work well for you tomorrow either.

I doubt you will hear any new takes on it from me. You can help straighten out my thinking though and maybe help to make it clearer in your own head.