Saturday, 5 April 2008

New Program

Here’s the new Plan then, which is more or less straight out of ETK...... with a few additions. 3 months of PttP with interval running for conditioning. Very little use of KBs at all!! Swings and snatches have helped my deadlift numbers – lets see if deadlifting and running will help my swings and snatches.


Mobility drills – 3 Way Neck, Shoulder Rolls, Wrist Circles, Egyptians, Ankle Circles, Squats/Deep Knee Bends, Hips Circles, Spine Extensions.

Resilient Drills: Neck, TGUs, Back Rolls, Hip Extensions, Good Morning Stretch

Done daily. Work up to 35 reps of mobility drills, and doing 5-10 reps of other drills. I will use the 16kg KB for TGUs, Hip Extensions and Good Morning Stretch. Not much change here.

PttP Strength Training:

Deadlift and Clean & Push Press, 2 sets of 5. 2nd set 90% of 1st set.

4 times per week M, Tu, Th, F

Straightforward Linear Cycle. 10 sessions (2.5 weeks) increasing by 2.5kgs each session. Then add 2.5kgs onto pervious cycle’s first day total and start again. Or 10 steps of 2.5kgs forward, then 9 steps back. I should get 4-5 cycles in by 12 weeks and should be good for a 10-12.5kgs gain….in theory.

The disadvantage in doing it this way is that I put a ceiling on my gains. I could milk each cycle completely dry each time and possibly make far better gains. I’m going to go this way though as I can plan back off weeks easier and would be delighted with another 10kgs.

I going to start with 120kgs x 5 for deadlifts and hopefully finish in the region of 155kgs x 5. I’ll play it by ear on any sets that I can’t lift for 5, but I’d say I’ll increase by 2.5kgs next session if I can do at least 3 reps.


Treadmill Interval Sprints 8 x 1 min on 1 min off.

3 times per week M, W, F – straight out of ETK.

Every 3rd week drop volume by 50% to 4 reps – this should coincide with 2 hard lifting days and then 2 easy ones. Shouldn’t have taken too much out of myself for the new PR on the Tuesday and then have it easy for the rest of the week.

Use Monday to workout incline and speed to really test me.

Supplementry Exercises

Neck – Anderson Neck Routine

Neck Harness x 50 / Neck rolls (all you can do) / Neck Harness x 10 / Neck Rolls again.

This is about making it bigger, thicker and stronger – just what I’m after.

Wrists – Levering and Wrist Curls/Extensions 3 x 15

These take care of all 4 directions and should do a good job eliminating the wrist injuries I was picking up snatching. Gripboard recommends 15-20 reps for beginners to build up a good base, I believe I’ve also read Kenneth Jay saying the same thing.

Abs – Janda Sit Ups 2 x 5

And finally introducing a little bit of direct ab work

Will do these twice per week on Tu and Th when not running. Split up the wrist work up between the two days, so Levering Tu and Curls/Extension Th.


Decompression Hangs, Hamstrings, Hip Flexors and Shoulder Disslocates.

3-10 reps

Done Mon - Fri

So it’ll look like this:

Mon – Re-charge / PttP / Cardio / Stretches

Tue – Re-charge / PttP / Supplementry / Stretches

Wed – Re-charge / Cardio / Stretches

Thurs – Re-charge / PttP / Supplementry / Stretches

Fri – Re-charge / PttP / Cardio / Stretches

Sat – Re-charge

Sun – Re-charge


Franklin B. Herman said...

I commend you on a very well thought out plan. Of course adjust as circumstances present themselves. Best of luck!

Franklin B. Herman said...

I'm seriously considering a program similar to yours. In place of treadmill sprints, I will use swings for my cardio.

I'm a little confused regarding how the 10 week PTP cycle works with your every 3 week back off. If possible and its not too much trouble, please post a sample of your PTP DL daily workouts over a 10 week period so I can explicitly see where the back offs occur and how you proceed after one .. this would really clarify things for me.

Anonymous said...

Mouse here;
Looks good. You could play around a bit with your treadmill sessions, both shorten rest and work periods but keep the 8 min duration.
That 8*1 is going to be brutal keep a bucket handy! Why no foam roller, I find it really helps me recover.
Looking forward to reading your results. Good luck.

Colin said...

Hey Mouse

Always flexible in any program I do, cos you just don't know what'll happen....for example what I've just posted about.

Running will be brutal for sure...but I love the "high" I get after it. And when you come off the treadmill and it seems that you're moving without walking haha

Tried foam roller long time ago and didn't like it - plus I haven't got one. Got to save my pennies for some new 20kg plates :(

Lift Kettlebells said...

Hey Colin,
This is good stuff. I don't know if anyone else sees this, but on my computer, this post has a bunch of weird "computer code" looking stuff injected throughout... like "if !supportEmptyParas"

Anyways, great blog. You might want to check out my new kettlebell video website
project. Love to invite you to participate there.

Colin said...

Thanks Jeff - not sure what the craic is with the post. It's grand on my computer...I'm not putting subliminal messages through my posts - honest!! :)

Had a quick look at the site - looks very good, well organised. Will take a good look through it over the next few days.

All the best.