Wednesday, 16 April 2008

DL 3 x 1 107.5kgs

Sn 16kgs - 7 reps 15:15 for 50 rounds - 350 Total

This was a bit of a frustration cooler session. I was/am feeling a bit mythed about the pttp cycle - as far as I can see I did it by the book, but it just didn't work out. The 107.5kgs is 70% of that estimated 1 RMax - I wanted to know what it felt like and I'm also considering just going with the Justa singles program. I like things to be simple.

The Vo2Max session was just to let off some steam - to be honest it felt pretty easy. I only stopped as my right hand was developing some serious blisters and the way I was snatching with it was a wrist injury waiting to happen.

You know writing this blog this has highlighted to me exactly how "flighty" I am. I plan one thing then turn round and change it or do another. It's beginning to piss me off. I think of myself as quite an open person and do my thinking out loud - but if doing that gives off the impression I get of myself from this blog then I should stop. It's like I never follow through with what I say.


Martin Schap said...

If that's the case then I am as guilty as you are. I try to tell myself that my program is always a work in progress, but maybe I am just kidding myself. I like the look of the singles program. I basically treat the PTP deads as singles with very little rest, but part of me thinks that a set of 5 in the deadlift is silly since there is no negative in that move. keep at it. You will find a way to improve in your deadlifting. Just keep in mind that ALL training programs you get from books, the web, etc. are one size fits all programs. It is highly unlikely that any one of them will be exactly what you need. Figure out what works and waht doesn't and make something that brings you closer to your goals.

Colin said...

Ignore me - I was just a bit peeved off. It's usually a good thing as it happens just before I re-double my efforts.

Franklin B. Herman said...

As Martin suggested in his blog when he feels the weight is too heavy, he just backs up 3-4 days in the cycle and starts again. As I have recently learned, in PTTP it gets more formalized as a "Structured Wave Cycle".

One of the articles you recommended that was really great talked about how there is no perfect plan. You started out with a very detailed plan . Now adjust it and HAVE SOME FUN! Its no fun if it ain't no fun!

Now having said all that, and just to remind you, you are already one strong Maternal-Fornicator! And its good to blow off some steam once in awhile.

Martin Schap said...

Taking a few days off and starting over? Hope you're doing ok.

Aaron Friday said...

Like you guys, I read PTTP. As far as I remember, the basic program is two sets of deadlift and two sets of bent press, done 5 days a week. That's it.

When you add to this program things like kettlebell training, running, or anything else that demands your energy, you're going to burn out quickly (maybe not if you're as young as Martin).

The book is brilliant, and the program is an interesting experiment. It probably works very well under controlled conditions, which you guys do not have.

That's just my opinion, and feel free to prove me wrong and pull huge.

Once a week is enough for deadlifts. Swing heavy on another day, or squat, or do both. Powerlifters I know deadlift once a week at most. That's because they train other things, like you guys, and deadlifting wastes the CNS like nothing else except maybe hard full-contact sparring.

I think Martin has some good ideas regarding singles.