Monday, 21 April 2008

Re-charge - Pump Stretches, Good Mornings, Shoulder Dislocates and Squats
DL 7 x 1 100kgs

Decompression hangs / Hamstring Stretch / Shoulder Dislocates / Hip Stretch

Just about to head off for a few miles walk. DL felt the easiest yet today - probably as I havent been doing much else so far.


Martin Schap said...

Great that the DLs are working well. I think that has to be as good a program as PTP in the sense that it grooves the movement with a lot of reps, and it has the advantage that when you max it is a single and not a set of 5. The carryover would intuitively seem more direct. Now would be a good time for an RKC snatch test or SSST. You have taken some time off, you're feeling good. I say go for a test soon, if you are taking requests.

Colin said...

It won't be an SSST but I was planning on doing 200 snatches tomorrow with the 24kgs.

Franklin B. Herman said...

Seven singles with 100kg .. not too shabby!

How much rest are you taking between the singles? (A long rest, say > 1 min, would psych me out.)

How many singles do you plan on training for before changing the weight?

I'm having very good results with PTTP so far but the weight is very light so far(Day 5: 72.3 kg ) and its a brand new exciting program. Day 10 (88.6 kg) may be a whole different story.

And good luck with the 200 24kg snatches.

Colin said...

Hey Franklin
About a minute between each, but I wouldn't go again unless I was ready. At this point they are pretty easy, but I will work up to 15 by Friday. Then I shall take increasingly longer rest between each as fatigue builds. Can't see it being more than 2 mins. Monday I knock the weight up a little and start at 3 reps again.

Going to do the snatches in the same style as you've been doing. I've long since felt that I wasn't doing enough volume on the RoP.

Let me just clarify that though. Spending 10 mins training out of 24 hours to get serious changes in body composition (eating habits aside!!) and work output, feel I need to put in some longer sessions.

Martin Schap said...

So Colin, is the plan to go the full 7 days of DL, then take 2 off, then another 7 days on?