Friday, 25 April 2008

Morning H/R 52bpm

Wall walking / Toe Touches / Back Stretching

4 mile walk

DL 15 x 1 100Kgs - weekly volume 6300kgs (63 reps x 100)

Decompression hangs / Good Morning Stretch / Wall Walking

Felt really tired on my way back from the walk - came back and feel asleep for an hour. Not sure where that came from, had a great nights sleep. Back still ached a little but again was no problem on the DLs. Began to feel a little tired at the end of DL session, similar to the walk.

Anyway the end of one cycle. Will start again tomorrow at 102.5kgs and throw in some KB work while its an otherwise easy day. If I feel good next Saturday or Sunday I plan to test 1RM.


Martin Schap said...

Does Justa give a plan for tapering on the singles program? Good to see you through the first 7 days. That is a high volume of work.

Colin said...

Nope, no tapering. He is very insistent about staying close to the 70% target intensity though. That's why he says to test 1rm every 4 weeks to make sure you haven't gone under or over. If you've gone over you take the weight off.

I've got to say that it does feel easy.

Check out Mahler's take at: /fun/mahler68.htm

Franklin B. Herman said...

Sorry if you were aware of this thread, but pull_man54 on the DD forum posted his Justa results on April 8, 2008:

A little under 5% DL improvement after one month. Apparently he did it with 3 different lifts.

I will be looking for another progress report in May from this guy.

Colin said...

Yeah saw that post Franklin.

Have noticed your DL (along with everything else)is coming along strong. Way to go!!

Franklin B. Herman said...

Thanks Colin for support and for the Mahler article reference. Its very exciting to monitor the daily progress of a new training protocol and yours is shaping up to be a real winner!