Saturday, 19 April 2008

DL 3 x 1 100kgs

Yeah Martin I was giving myself a few days rest, pretty much decided that I'm going to give Steve Justa Singles a run. I'm going to wing it a bit though - if I feel the weight is too heavy or I'm tired I'll take a day and pick it up where I left off or just drop down a little.

I'm going to have a bit more fun with my conditioning side of things like Franklin suggested. I'll look to get 3 sessions in a week of KBs, running..... whatever. Just get the heart thumping for 20 mins or so.

Just back from a nice long walk in the forest with my friend and his two dogs - as always I'll try to get plenty of walking done. Feeling a lot more chilled out about things now - have a lot going on in my life at the minute and it had been winding me up. Its affected the eating thats for sure!!!


Martin Schap said...

I will be interested to follow your progress on the singles program. If it works I may be tempted to give it a go. I have wondered though how rigidly one needs to adhere to it to see results.

Colin said...

I reckon there's a lot of wiggle room on it - I was reading a Mike Mahler article about how he would change it up the other day. In the book Steve has a couple of variations on using singles.

Might be famous last words but I think it will manageable as directed everyday for a long stretch. 70% felt like a tonic for me today - see what I think after the 15 reps on friday though.

Anonymous said...

Hello Mouse here,
Been away so not read your posts til today. My you sounded pissed off the other day, and 50 sets of 7 with the 16 is PISSED OFF! I'm glad you've kept up your momentum. Remember what you said to me "Lift what you can ,when you can", take your own advice fella! Noticed that people have mentioned training the CNS in relation to strength and conditioning, where would I find more on this?

Colin said...

Been away!! Jail? :)

Only thing I have read on CNS was in relation to strength and that was in Power to the People.

Oh...I read an article by Chad Waterbury on T-mag about CNS sometime ago too. As I seem to recall it was more about what CNS training isn't. I'll see if I can track it down.