Monday, 7 April 2008



D/L 120 x 5,110 x 5
P/P 32.5 x 5, 30 x 5

Treadmill Intervals - 8 x 1 min, rest 1 min. Incline @ 2.0 Speed 9.0mph

Stretches - Decompression Hangs, Hamstrings, Hips and Shoulder Dislocates.

Day 1 and I think I may have to change the plan already!! Shoulder ached during re-charge, during P/P and again through the shoulder dislocates. I think all the push ups from Krav fuckin Maga upset it again and then me testing my C & PP on friday have put me back to square one.

Going to have to scrap PP cycles and I'll just do Half Get Ups with 16kgs KB 4 times a week, workin up the bells as and when I can.

Apart from that everything else went quite well. It's great to be deadlifting again and I really enjoyed the running. Bit of a feeling out process with the running, expect it to go up a few notches in immediate sessions.

It's going to be tough - I've no doubts about that - but for the moment at least it's great to have a change.


Martin Schap said...

Every blog I read these days is written by someone with an injury. I am switching to ballroom dancing classes for my exercise. Lifting is obviously too dangerous.

Good job on the running. Be interested to see how the shoulder responds after you get it back up to speed. I saw a post on DD today where the guy had a swing PR after a PTP cycle.

Colin said...

Haha - I was going to put in my post that I am now a fully paid up member of the messed up shoulder brigade.

Yeah - the prog is more or less what Pavel suggests in ETK, 13 weeks PttP with running then 13 weeks RoP. So you'd guess that they both compliment each other.

Good luck with the ballroom dancing - I seem to remember seeing a pic of you in a monkey suit, so you've got that bit covered ;)

Anonymous said...

Mouse here:
Bad news on the shoulder. Do you know what's wrong ? Have a look at,and in particular 'Shoulder savers' and 'Push ups, face pulls and shrugs'. I think these are the articles that Rif has refered to on his blog - some good info. The diesel crew have some good shoulder matrixes on youtube for both warm up and rehab. Apologies if you are already aware of them. If not I hope they help you as they did me.

Colin said...

Thanks for the tips mouse - will take a look later.

All I know is that it hurts - it stems from an accident I had playing squash. I ran into the corner to get the ball. I kicked the floor as I got there and went shoulder and head into the wall. Had physio work on it for a while and it got better for the exercise I did back then. No heavy weights in those days.

As for the head I think it was damaged beyond repair ;)

Franklin B. Herman said...

Oops I almost injured myself picking myself up off the floor after reading Martin's comment ... very funny stuff!

As far as ballroom dancing suggestion, I could save a few bucks on a tux and use my daughter's tutu and do ballet instead.

EVERYONE I know has at least one bum shoulder. I re-tweak mine every few months. At least the re-hab time is decreasing.