Friday, 11 April 2008

End of Week 1


D/L 130 x 5,115 x 5

Treadmill Intervals - 8 x 1 min on, 1 min off (Incline 2.0, 7 x 9.2 1 x 9.5 mph)

Stretches - Decompression Hangs, Hamstrings, Hips and Shoulder Dislocates.

DL was very hard tonight - I considered stoping at 4 reps for 130, but in the end got the 5th rep with only a few seconds inbetween.

I've just calculated the distance I've been doing for my intervals - 255m on my fastest minute!!! Thats horrible!!! I'm no speedster but I've got to be better than that. I'd been expecting to be closer to 350m. I used to do 400m laps in and around 75s. This extra 2 stone I'm carrying around is doing me no favours obviously...going to see how close I can get to 13mph by the end of this cycle.

I'm glad to have the next 2 days off. My books have just arrived, Rock, Iron, Steel and Starting Strength. Give me something to get my teeth into and make me motivated for a tough week starting Monday.


Martin Schap said...

Sorry for being off grid this past week. Appears your training is going strong. Tell me when you've finished it if Starting Strength isn't the most detailed instruction you've ever read on the barbell lifts. I will be interested to hear your take on both books really.

Franklin B. Herman said...

Don't sweat your current interval performance .. you have designed a sound program and you will PR your interval work frequently.

As for the weight, all the high intensity cardio should start to make an impact. Continue to log EVERYTHING you consume including portion sizes. And then stare at it and decide what's acceptable and adjust.

Also if you haven't done so already go back and read Rifs blog on training the will .. it helped me tremendously and is very inspirational:

Colin said...

Welcome back Martin - I was being to get worried about you ;)

Starting Strength is a very good book. Very detailed instruction in all exercises it covers. I'll be honest and say that I've only really read about the deadlift, as that's the only one I'm doing. I also liked the explanations on how, why and when to do the supplementry exercises. Coupled with PTTP and you have the info to take your lifting quite some way.

Franklin - you may have noticed the absence of a record of what I've been eating lately, to be honest it's because it has been shocking. I can hardly complain about being overweight while I'm eating this way. It's funny as normally for me the two go hand in hand - training consistantly and eating pretty "clean". I just need to give myself a shake really and start posting the food again.

It's funny you should mention the stuff about training the will. There is a lot of talk of it in Steve Justa's book, similar in many ways to Bud Jeffries' material. I was also watching a UK show last night about putting some ultrafit civvies through SAS testing. One of the tests was called "The Long Drag". They had to carry bergens weighing 50lbs (half the normal weight)on a hike through the hills that lasted up to 20 hours. I was thinking how once every month or two I could do with doing a scaled down version of that or another mental toughness challenge. Something to think about.